A little space for all the 'what', 'why' and 'if' about you. Fill away!

Instruction :
1. Mandatory to answer all questions.

2. Results will be announced by 30th July 2015.

3. Applicants selected need to pay an amount of Rs.1000/- Cheque to be made in the name of 'The Climber' and sent by post to ' Z-103 Abode valley, kakkan street, Potheri-603203, Chennai'

4. For any discrepancies write us at '' or call +919176229863 

Participants get free:-

1. Delegate kit.
2. Food and Beverages during the event.
3. Free entry along with parents to the Great Indian Debate.

 An experience of a lifetime. Hurry, fill up the form!

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Imagination station | Let your Imagination go wild!

What does the word 'imagine' mean to you? *

Which fictional character do you believe resembles you the most and why?

(Can be a character from a cartoon, movie, book, tv show etc.)
The ‘Make in India’ campaign will definitely boost manufacturing and lead to overall job growth. Agree or disagree? Explain why *

If you were given the powers of the Chief Minister, what are the top three changes you would make in Chennai? *

Write it as :-
More about You | 
Show us who you really are!

Why do you want to participate in this event? *

What are the three goals you wish to achieve in the next one year? *

What sets you apart from the rest?
Describe three qualities of yours that makes you stand out. *

Which is the one subject/hobby/activity that you are most passionate about and why? *

If you had to pick one of the following superpowers, which would you choose ? *

What would you do do with that super power? *

Remember : With great power come great responsibilities.
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